Buying Xbox Games – Used Versus New

More and more people are choosing to buy used Xbox games. There are advantages to buying new and used games, so the best advice is to shop around before committing to a purchase.New Xbox games are available from day oneNew Xbox games are available to buy from the day of their release. Used games take some time to get into the system. How long it takes will vary, depending on the type of game it is. A game with a linear story and little replay value will be available to buy used relatively quickly, as people complete them and quickly trade their copies in. Players tend to keep hold of games with high replay value (for example online shooters or sports games) for much longer, meaning it can take quite a while for used copies to become readily available.Used games, especially those with damaged packaging, are often cheaperBuying a used Xbox game from a high street retailer is usually a pretty safe bet – they will check for major issues like scratches before selling you the game, and will take returns if you get it home and it turns out it doesn’t work.Y may find you are able to save yourself a bit of money if you are not bothered about the condition of the packaging. A game with a damaged case or even no case at all will usually sell for less than a game in as good as new condition.The price difference (or lack of) between new and used games can be surprisingMany people assume that buying a used Xbox game will be cheaper than buying a new Xbox game; however, this is not always the case. We all know that the prices vary between retailers, so it could be that one is selling the new version of a game for full price and the used version for a little less, yet a promotion or permanent price reduction a second retailer could mean that a new copy at the second retailer is cheaper than even the used copy at the first retailer.Retailers are not always consistent amongst their own prices and when a game is newly discounted, it can sometimes take a bit of time before the price reduction filters down to the used copies, making a new copy cheaper for a short period of time.