The Best Tactical Games Worth Playing

Playing tactical games is a good way to have fun and sharpen your decision-making skills. These games incorporate different elements of strategy video games including a strategic gameplay and tactical movement among others.

Here’re some exciting tactical games you may want to try out:

  1. Unleash
    This is a competitive, multiplayer game that involves building mazes of walls and towers while creating monsters to help you fight your enemies. It features an offline gameplay, 8 player online multiplayer and multiple game modes.
  2. Exoder
    Exoder is a tactical turn-based game developed by Fat Dog Games. It has simple rules making it a great option for novice players. The game has beautiful graphics and a cleverly designed tactics system. Additionally, it features a single-player and multiplayer mode which are available both online and offline. In Exoder, players get to climb the leaderboard by defeating players of a similar skill level. The nicest thing about this game is that it is compatible with numerous platforms including Windows, Mac OS X, SteamOS, and Linux.
  3. Manager Zone
    This is one of the best and oldest football manager games on the web. With Manager Zone, players get to train their players, buy and sell players to build great teams and discuss football with other football managers.
  4. UFO: Aftershock
    Aftershock is another tactical video game worth trying out. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world and expands upon its prequel, UFO: Aftermath. It features an enhanced RPG system, Simultaneous Action System and a series of tactical missions.
  5. King’s Bounty: The Legend
    This tactical role-playing video game gives players the chance to become heroes in a fantasy world of wise kings, beautiful princesses and fearless knights. Players can choose to play in one of the three different characters – Mage, Paladin or Warrior. Each of these characters has unique features and abilities. A player gets to lead his/her character through the game world, exploring the land, commanding armies in battles and accomplishing a series of quests.

The Best Video Poker Slots

The beauty of poker is that once you get a feel for it, you just want to play more and more of the game. The good news is that you no longer have to wait for your buddies or for a tournament to come around. Right from your laptop ‒ or even your mobile phone ‒ you can log in and indulge. We bring to you some of the very best poker variants on offer that come in easy-to-play video slots. Here is the list you have been waiting for…

The Top Four Video Poker Slots

  1. Aces and Eights Trust Microgaming to roll out a poker slot that is steady, stable, secure, with a dash of excitement. This one will lull you in the familiar comfort of poker, until it hits you with hands that offer more pay-outs. The graphics are crisp, the gameplay smooth, and the overall experience just fantastic.
  2. All American It does not get any more American than this particular offering. The developers have devised a slot that lures you in with an impressive payout rate of 98.11%. The more you bet here, the more you stand to win. As simple as that.
  3. Deuces Wild Double Up If you have played and loved the Wild Deuces variant, then roll up your sleeves and hit the next level. NetEnt has raised the stakes and the excitement levels as well. Bet it all during the Double Up bonus game and see your winnings take off!
  4. Jacks or Better This is pure poker served up straight. No adulteration, no distractions, and no nonsense. We have yet to come across a poker video slot that offers more of a straight shot of fun and excitement. You even get an opportunity to double your money after you win a stake. Challenge the dealer, pick one of four cards, and if it is higher than the dealer, you get double.

Start Winning at Poker with New Strategies

There are two things that will change the way you play poker forever. These two things are surprisingly simple and intuitive, yet many players ignore them. Of course, if you ignore these two things you will lose money. It’s simple. One plus one always equals two.

Know Your Opponents

Yes. Look at the guys seated to your left and your right and gauge their abilities. Stay calm and stop trying to read their games; read their abilities instead. Who is the master of deception? Who is the professional? Who is the hopeless addict? Learn them and assign them fake names if you have to. Here’s the thing; if there are less than five people at the table, and these people have been playing for over an hour with no new players you stand a great chance of winning if you stay calm and rational. If there are more than five faces at the table, you will not be able to keep track of them all. The game is effectively out of your control. If there are new faces coming on, change tables. The chaos will be too much to make sense of.

Know Yourself

How do you handle pressure? If you get all jumpy and panicky then poker is not for you. Poker is about the conquest of brains over emotions. When you notice the pressure is getting to you the best thing to do is to rise up, take a break or even walk away. Also, it’s best to not play poker when you have had a long day. Chances are that you will lose concentration, and money. Again, these are just the basic truths about winning at poker.

There are more guidelines, but it starts with the big two here. Be patient and consistent in the evaluation of your journey. Stay curious and open to learning new things.

How to Play Poker and Win

Everyone likes winning, and with poker it seems like it could be an easy thing to do. However, it is most certainly easier said than done. The following article contains just a few hints and tips to increase your chances of winning in online poker. The starting point is to play low stakes. This just helps to familiarize new online players with the style of the game. For a newcomer, less money on the line will also alleviate any feelings of stress and allow the player to be able to maintain a focus on the game at hand. Online poker tends to be hard, as a rule, with higher-level players playing at lower stakes, so it is good to be prepared.

Many players like to ‘multi-table’, but this is inadvisable as a newcomer to online poker. Playing at a single table will help a new player come to grips with the technical side of an online game. It is also better to learn to win consistently at a single table and then, as the player increases in confidence, to add a second table or more.

For complete control, it is best if a player can have a calm environment in which to play. Focus is an important factor when it comes to poker, so even home distractions can be severely detrimental to the game. It is also important to be comfortable, as some games, particularly those in a tournament, can go on for a long time. New players should also bear this in mind if they have work commitments to play around. As a whole, the area in which you play needs to be a positive one that is conducive to long periods of play.

Other areas to improve online gaming are the hardware and software being used. A slow internet connection can seriously damage chances in a fast-paced poker game.

Online Games are All the Rage

In this age of technology and global connectedness, the ways in which people are having fun are changing just as quickly as the technology is. While online gaming is definitely not a new pastime, it is definitely hitting new levels in terms of popularity and social acceptance. Ask anyone these days under 40 for the names of a couple games that can be played online, and they will very likely be able to give you at least one.

Real-Time Strategy

One type of online game which has reached every corner of the world and every generation is real-time strategy. These games are perfect for anyone looking for intense competition and plenty of depth. The main objective of games in this genre is to take control of resources and keep the ones you already have. When you are playing with hundreds of people, and they are all trying to do the same thing, the challenge of these games can reach extraordinary levels.

Online Casinos

Among the most popular of all are online casinos, where people from all over the world come together and enjoy an engaging casino experience. Everything from live table games to slot machines to classic casino game simulators run by random number generators can be found at these casinos making them even more fully featured than a lot of land-based casinos. These games offer every bit of the fun and excitement that their physical cousins bring to the table.

War Games

One of the most popular online game variants is the multiplayer war scenario. There are numerous titles which host hundreds of thousands of players each, and they each provide a different experience. These games are common; in fact, some of them have become household names. Games like CSGO, the Battlefield series and Call of Duty are at the top of list, generally speaking, but there are many, many others. The reason for the popularity of these games is that they provide bite-sized war experiences to players which can be highly competitive. Whatever your preferred method of play may be, there are several options out there to keep you engaged for as long as you wish to immerse yourself. The best thing about it is that you don’t have to do it alone as there are millions of people online at any given time playing a wide variety of games.